Avoid the Bank and Get a Car Loan From Us Instead

When many Canadians think about getting car loans, they often go to their banks first. Although it’s true financial institutions can be resources for vehicle financing, it’s important to remember that you can get car loans directly at our dealership.


Dealer-Direct Car Loans Are Efficient


One of the major perks of getting a car loan from us instead of going to your bank is that we work hard to make it a straightforward process. We know that you’re eager to start enjoying your vehicle and don’t want to spend weeks or even longer waiting for the means with which to pay for it.


Because vehicle financing is our focus, we know all the specific steps in the process that can help you get linked up with a loan provider without frustrating delays. We will also do our best to exhaust our resources and set realistic expectations for you. Then, there is a lower likelihood of going through the necessities of applying for your loan and getting turned down.


We’ll Listen Carefully to Details About Your Financial History


We take a great deal of pride in helping people afford the cars that make their lives better. Whereas banks loan individuals money for everything from vacations to home improvements, we just offer car loans.


While determining your eligibility, we’ll take all the time required to gain a complete picture of your financial background. Additionally, we will explain the potential options that exist for you based on what you’ve told us. We are in the business of successfully helping people buy cars from us, and that commitment will be clear as soon as you meet with us for a financing appointment.


We understand vehicles are major investments and that car loans are often essential for helping people afford. Regardless of if you’re interested in buying your first car or your fifth, we’re in a good position to help. Contact us today.

Advantages of Dealer Financing

When you are at the dealership perusing the inventory of vehicles, one of the things you have to think about is how you will finance the vehicle. Bad credit car loans exist, but in many cases, sticking with the dealership and their financing option is best even when your credit is subpar.


Options Not Available Elsewhere


Dealerships often have some tricks up their sleeve that allow them to accommodate people with all credit backgrounds. This is ideal when your credit is not great and other institutions have turned you down. Simply allow the dealership to run your credit, bring your financial information with you, including paystubs from the last three to six months, and allow them to determine which financing options are available for you.


Transparency in the Process


When you get dealer financing, the process is straightforward and you are right there when they are doing it. There are no surprises once a loan is determined. You play an active role in the process and you get to decide if the options that are offered are going to be the best for your personal financial situation. Because of this, you want to be upfront about factors, such as what you can afford down on the vehicle and monthly.


No Middle Man


When you work directly with the dealership to get your financing, there is no middle man to worry about. This saves you time and helps to keep the terms clearer. It will just be you and the salesperson you are working with. You will not have to go offsite and deal with complicated loan applications or predatory lending networks seeking out those with bad credit. This means it can also be financially safer.


It is ideal to be upfront with the dealer about your credit history. This makes it easier for them to seek out bad credit car loans that might be available via the financing department.